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Follow the Rules

Nobody can predict tomorrows stock markets. Neither can we. To make money, we follow the rules of statistically proven tradingstrategies. Dutch Volatrader trades stocks with a 70% hitratio.


Let automation do the work!

To show what we do in a transparant way, we work together with Collective2. A reliable partner in automatic trading.

Let automation do the work!


Eliminate Emotion

We trade with predefined trading strategies. This way of trading filters out the emotion of making trading decisions. We rely on solid strategies with a proven trackrecord.

How it started

Most of the strategies used by Dutch Volatrader are inspired by the book

“Short term trading strategies that work”

written by Larry Connors and Cesar Alvarez. Initially, we programmed all the strategies to find out how they worked.

At the end we found they were extremely profitable in the long term.

With this trading philosophy in mind, we created our own trading programs.

Here, we let you take a look over our shoulder.


Discover the strategies

Dutch VOlatrader | Stocks | Only long

A quantified trading-strategy.

On a daily base, we analyse all stocks of the Russel 3000 index.

This strategy was created to perform in markets with high volatility, and with the purpose to not lose any money in other markets.

We use widerange limitorder that are bound to volatility.

This strategy uses no stoplosses in the market. We use dynamic exits.

All orders are given hours before the opening of the US – stock markets.



Ron Wichgers

Trader for over 15 years, developer of trading strategies, member of the Larry Connors Alpha Club, teacher at the ForestBergen Trading academy.



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Important note

  • Dutch Volatrader is NOT an advisery service.
  • We do NOT manage any money from clients.
  • We are just technicians who give clients access to the outcome of a computer code.


  • Trading is at your own risk and on your own account.
  • Past results are no garantuee for future results.
  • Never trade money you cannot afford to lose.

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